Requiem of the Undying

#2 The Lions Den

After traveling to Joseph City, we stop to check out the fair going on. Lots lf stands selling goods and junk. Jager and i go to have a drink and get talked into entering thw fighting pit with the beast they have. 

The two of us and Freya, Ragnas wife, sign up as a group and enter the pit. The beast is a huge lion weasel thing that i only knew two things about. One it was ugly and two it hit really hard. We fought for a while but we ended up winning with Jager delivering the final shot. I went to congratulate but he had somehow lost his eyesight. Along with that i had lost my heavy armor due to over damage.

I used our winnings to get a new armor piece. I then walked around town admiring the shops and looking for Jager. 



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