Requiem of the Undying

#1 A Princess and a Demon

Minding my own business playing with my son i receive a letter carrier from the clan elder summoning me. Arriving i meet Ragnar, a fellow atlantean who i remeber hearing stories of growing up but had never met. We were both brought to the elder and introduced to Nymphadora, a princess from another clan. She was in need of a group to escort her to Mexico where she was going to search for her mother. 

After meetinf with the AMC and enrolling the help of Jager, we met up to discuss our plan. Before we knew it a giant rift opened up where a huge demon and flew through followed by a black skeleton group. We held down the troop, with the giant one fighting them too. The roft slammed shut leavinf us and the demon left. We were surrounded by power armor gaurd who wanted to kill it. Would have helped but there was no bad aura coming from it so it wasnt needed. Luckily Nymph was a powerful psychic and shut them down enough for us to get away. 

Turns out the demon can turn into a human, tells us hes not a demon but a nightbane and is named Ash who comes from an alternate world. We decide to bring him along on our journey. Who knows? Maybe he can learn to call this place home. 



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