Requiem of the Undying

Ash's Journal Entry #3

Do We Have to Save Him?

    Just last night I hoped that there wouldn't be any more bad decisions or shitty situations. I mean at least for awhile. I woke up, had breakfast, chatted with the Bug masked dude Ville, and then Ragnar comes down from his room and says that Jeagar was kidnapped. Jaegar was the gunslinger that along with the Mystic Freya fought the giant cat yesterday. Apparently someone lost a lot of money and we needed to get a million credits and take it to them in three days. Personally, I don't really feel strongly one way or the other but I supposed we should help. I sat with Ville until Ragnar grabbed everyone else. Turns out Ville knows a lot of jokes in Spanish. None of which I understood. I mean I took French in High School so that was about it.

When everyone came back to the bar/saloon whatever it is, we decided to go to the meeting place and see if we could find Jeagar.

We set out and drove for several hours. If anything happened on the way there I have no idea because I pretty much slept the whole way.

When we got there I woke up and looked around. We were there alright. We were in the damn middle of nowhere. Fuckers made me walk three miles in the heat only to find a garage we drove to anyway. I stayed with the vehicles as Ragnar and the half naked dude Ezekiel went off to ask around to see if anyone had knowledge of Jeagar.

When they left I threw down the cloak and changed into it. It fit rather nicely and it was good to strength as Withengar. I also apparently scared the crap out of Odin who had no idea what was going on and why there was a demon in his party. We explained it a bit more, but he still seemed a bit uneasy.

Ragnar and Ezekiel came back after a a few hours and said they had a lead. We took off on foot, and after awhile I flew ahead to what looked like a barn and a farm house. When I got there there were two trucks with their doors wide open. I didn't realize the future was so safe to do so. I closed the doors for them and went to the barn. The doors and lock on that thing were surprisingly sturdy. I had to use quite a bit of strength to break through that lock and when it finally gave I ended up scaring the shit out of what appeared to be a barn full of well… barn animals. Jaegar wasn't inside so I just closed the door. Poor animals.

I walked up to the house as everyone was checking the cars and front door and I looked into the second floor window to find it open and someone in bed. I tried to talk to them but they didn't seem to be waking up. Turns out the person was dead. Odin had opened the door, okay he broke it down, and Jeagar was inside the house. Apparently this is where he was taken and he killed everyone inside. Pretty Rambo if you ask me.

I flew Ezekiel and Jeagar to the station we left the cars and Ragnar flew himself. We stopped flying a bit outside of eyesight from the shop, so they didn't see me and went up. I stood outside and Ragnar started arguing price with the guy. We were wasting time. I reached in grabbed Ragnar and pulled him up to me and told him to just pay the man so we can leave. I set him back inside the shop and Ragnar paid him. I'm pretty sure the clerk's tone also changed drastically. Maybe a bit freaky to see a demonic hand reach in and pick up a guy who is like 8 ft tall. I'm sure that in no way will come to be a problem. Other than for that guy's therapist.

We drove the cars back to everyone and starting back south toward South America. I'm in the car now trying to write this as a way to pass the time. It's weird though, I swear I can hear like jet engines approaching us…



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