Requiem of the Undying

Ash's Journal Entry #4

You've got to be kidding.

    Okay, this is some bullshit. Those jet engine sounds I was hearing? Turns out it was two power armored guys flying at us from town. They fired rockets at the ATV we were on and I jumped off when the vehicle was compromised. Okay, in my defense I forget that the ATVs in this world go well over like 100 mph. Thank anything I was wearing the armor I was, instead of splatting on the road, I just got dazed a bit. I transformed into Withengar and tried to follow after them.

    At this time I realized just how fast everything in this world goes. They power armor guys zoomed past me as I was morphing, but trying to catch up to them was… It took awhile. I ended up getting there after the battle. But I swear to God I think Ragnar flipped his damn ATV. When I got to the site, one of the guys who attacked us had his wing blown off and was struggling in the dirt. I tried landing on him to restrain him. I even tried to knock on his helmet to get him out and the fucker shot rockets in my face. I'll admit I was a little mad and ended up punching the armor's chest and dented the crap out of it. I kind of snapped out of the rage when Jeager shot the suit and made an opening. I wanted to give the fucker a piece of my mind so I ripped that suit open like a tin can.

    The guy inside was Hispanic and looked like the clerk at the QT I went to on 43rd ave. But yeah I grabbed him and flew him up a bit and he passed out. In retrospect probably not the best to fly the dude up that fast when he most likely had a concussion. Anyway, we cuffed him and interrogated him, he was strangely cooperative. The concussion and large demon questioning him as well as Odin probably helped. We found out that it was reported that a large demon hiding in an ATV accompanied by two hoverbikes. We matched the description and that's why they fired rockets at us. Makes sense I guess. We ended up leaving him with food, water, and a gun. We took off and he started walking back to town.

    When we got back to Nymphodora we bought new vehicles and tried to gather ourselves before we set out again. The next stop is Phoenix. We ended up staying in the town for a bit while everything was settled, but nothing really happened until a couple of guys came into the bar asking the bartender about a group of people matching our description. I had only seen them come in but apparently they were looking for us.

    The barkeep swore up and down he knew nothing about us. Knowing what I do know I would have tipped him more for that. Milo ended up hearing it and went to get the rest of our party to decide what to do. While we tried to just sleep through it and kept Odin out of sight, seeing as he is one of the more noticeable people with us, they came back and pestered the barkeep and his replacement. When again they said nothing they left after him. Milo got worried and went after him. Just as Freya and I were on watch he came back after apparently finding the barkeep dead in an ally. He took the barkeeps night shift replacement and we were kind of left alone in the bar.

    I may or may not have helped myself to a few mugs of bubbly. While we sat there I got to thinking.

    In this world there are so much more evil presences than in mine. I know people want to be able to protect their families and vanquish the evil that threatens their lives. What if we formed a group? A group dedicated to gathering knowledge and training people to fight against all the shit in this world. There are bound to be books on monster lore as well as demons and shit. Not to mention all the people we've met who are after glory and power. What is we organize that? I've spent enough time in Marko's cartel to know how to keep an organization going, but trying to start one will be harder.

    To get started I think I'll ask the rest of the group at some point. We can probably stash away money for this and try to use it to gather info. I want to try in get others to join too. All the bullshit in my world was enough, and normal humans could barely do shit against it. In this world theres a real chance of resistance. I'll start a crusade. A crusade against evil. We could do it. We could get stronger, and fight. If I'm stuck here in this place, I want to make it better. I will use my power to launch this crusade against all the shit in this world. I don't want to basically live in the nightlands. That shit was horrible enough. I don't want to see this place become like that.


    Okay… just woke up and read what I wrote while drunk during watch. While it's not a bad idea I realized it'll need some work… and a name… Fuck it I'll call it Akatsuki or some shit unless I can think of something cooler.



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