Requiem of the Undying

Ash's Journal Entry #5

Some Alien vs. Predator shit

We set out to Phoenix as the sun rose.

After driving for awhile we reached what looked like a ruined portion of downtown Phoenix. And apparently that is exactly what it was. Most of the day was spent traveling, so I was happy when we finally stopped to make camp. Although on a positive note, the new truck that Ragnar got is amazing, I can chill in the bed with the gun, and it even has enough room for Withengar. Only reason I know that is because a few hours from camp we saw this dust trail following us. I shifted in my robe just in case that cloud was less than friendly. When we got to the outskirts, we managed to make camp and I took the opportunity to scout a bit to see if there were any supplies. As I was about to take Zeke and Ville to look for a store or something Jeagar had pointed out that there was a pile of bones upstairs and the walls look clawed to hell.

They were a bit uneasy so they checked to make sure we weren't about to camp in some thing's nest and my little part went to scout a gas station. Okay it was a bust. Everything was gone and clawed to shit but at least Ville got a dagger.

Waste of time…

We returned to camp and took up shifts taking watch. A little bit in I'm assuming that cloud caught up with us and drove through. Everyone was quiet as they passed. After a while I thought this might be a good time to pitch my idea for a new organization. I thought everyone was pretty open to the idea up until we started hearing gunfire, screams and explosions from the direction those cars had gone. The best part about this group is we all just looked around and were like, "Nope, fuck that."

When the screaming died off we continued out discussion and everyone was pretty on board. I have high hopes for it. I returned to my perch in a nearby building side and we spent the rest of our night.

In the morning we set out and it didn't take long before we found the site of last nights conflicts. It was a few trucks, clawed to shit with a bunch of bloody drag marks and these dead things that look like alien cat things. I was promptly informed that these things and the Mufasa looking motherfucker in the arena hate each other. Good to know. I decided to pack the alien corpses in the back. They look pretty sturdy and have like plates and stuff so should be good for armor or something at least. I started draining the body of one over the side of the truck and I heard that the armor they found along with the trucks most likely belonged to the guys that had kidnapped Jeagar. Poor fuckers. Oh well.

Now, as we're discussing what happened it turns out that like a dozen of these fuckers were coming down the sides of the buildings. As they were noticed they jumped on us. One of these cocky fuckers tried to jump on me and I just knocked him away from me outside the truck bed and started stabbing it with my glaive.

He didn't take kindly to that.

He jumped at me and knocked me out of the the truck. I guess I was more startled than anything else because this cat alien weighed nothing. I picked it off me and tossed it into a nearby building as I stood up. It looked like everyone else was having their respective troubles. Odin in particular had a few on him. I walked up and tossed one of them away as Nymphadora did the same with her mind. We got Odin into a car as everyone tried to scramble out. I guess Jeagar did already because I didn't see him anywhere. That or he was eaten…


I tried getting another off Ragnar's truck as Ville took to the plasma gun and tried to grab the cat shit on the car that was eyeing him. I couldn't grab on to the damn thing as Ragnar punched it and the truck took off. As everyone scattered off the only people left were Nymph and I, so I flew up assuming she'd to the same. With everyone gone the bitey alien kitties were all on Nymph. I should clarify. All these cat things were attacking a lone woman.

A lone woman who was on fire.

A lone woman who was on fire with green hellish flames.

Not the best move on their part but Nymph didn't look like she was able to fly. I dove down and grabbed her arm taking her with me. We managed to dodge the one jumper that tried to latch on. Now I feel bad for all those lil plated bastards, because as I picked up Nymphadora her fucking flames started burning me. That shit was hot. If I didn't heal quickly I would have been very upset. I flew towards where the rest of the group was headed and dropped Nymph beside the truck took off. We met up after a while and I got into the battle jeep again.

It took awhile but we finally got to Phoenix. It looked like the 101 was knocked over to create a wall around the city. I transformed back as we approached. We were stopped at the gate, and standard protocols of questioning as we got in. I decided when we were inside that I wanted to try and get some money. I couldn't keep living off the nothing I had so I found a job recharging the mana batteries that kept the globe of sunlight lanterns powered at night. 100 P.P.E. later and an empty drained feeling I found everyone at the bar to meditate. When I got there I found Ville piss drunk in a corner and decided to meditate until he woke up. (Keeping in mind this still was like 11 am… Classy…)

When they woke up apparently Ville had said we'd help this guys village, so I decided to talk to this guy to see what we were signed up for. Turns out this guy's village was visited by a priest talking about his lord and Savior and he started killing all the D-bees that were around. As I listened it sounded more and more like my world's version of a Christian priest executing people. I couldn't really stand for that.

We decided to head out East to this town and deal with this man of the cloth. Nymphadora and Freya ended up staying behind in Phoenix. So we're heading there now Im sure this will be interesting…



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