Requiem of the Undying

Ash's Journal Entry #6

God Won't Save You Now

    So we ended up going to this town to find the preacher who was supposedly killing of D-Bees. We found him.

    We rolled up the town with a simple plan. Jeagar, Milo, and I would enter the town to see if it was safe for D-Bees. Jeagar and myself look human and Milo in full armor just looks tall. We would drive in, check things out, and have Milo use his armor's radio to check in with Zeke, and Ragnar to prompt further action.

Side note: On our way to town I noticed another Nightbane passing us on the road in a caravan. We decided to leave it be at least for the time being.

    We rolled into the town and all all the people looked terrified of us as outsides I imagine. Then we saw it. City square was filled with crucifixes and corpses. D-Bees had been crucified. He radioed back to Zeke and Ragnar to stay back. We were on our own for now… When we dismounted we were approached by a juicer. After a bit of talking we recognized him to be Mason, the juicer we encountered on our way out of Arzino. That should have been a tip off… But it wasn't. We tried to inquire about the priest but he was in his morning prayer session. To wait for him we talked in the bar, while Milo excused himself to contact Ragnar to inform him our findings.

    After a while we we told he was ready and we were led outside. We were led out to the sight of that asshole who was bitching about D-Bees with Mason's group before. Should have tipped up off he was the one responsible. This preacher's name was Merick, I asked him what he wanted and surprise surprise the self-rightous Christian asshole wanted to cleanse the world of non-humans. I had apparently let slip I wasn't from this world. So he was already suspicious. After I realized he was just another blind pastor Milo have his speech about taking him in to face the law for his slaughter of the people in town. At the end of Milo's speech I transformed knowing he wasn't going to go anywhere peacefully. Obviously with a 13ft demon against them the fight started. I flew up and blasted the fucker with my shadows but this shield appeared around him.

Other side note: Do you know that energy weapons hurt? Like a lot?

    Well even with his dozen lackeys shooting at me I dove into him with my horns and was still stopped by that damn field. Shooting him, another energy beam hitting him, and even a full force punch didn't do the trick. I did notice there was a necklace he wore that had a ruby that flashed every time the shield materialized. It was a shield. And shields can be broken, I used my glaive and pierced the damn shield around him shattering it.

    Now, there were a lot more people in this fight and at some point Ragnar and Zeke much have shown up because when I had turned around they were on their truck firing the mounted rifles and I could have sworn that Mason and Milo were fighting… but I digress

    I had finally shattered that annoying shield and was about to start taking off his armor and either having him give in our taking his life. I would have liked to… But the next thing I knew Marick and I were bound together by a flaming net. Geez, I wonder what sort of person uses a techo-wizard device to shoot flaming nets at people with disregard foe who it hits… I'm going to punt Ragnar into a lake on of these days for that. However! Loads of fun considering my best idea in the situation was falling forward on top of Merick. 600 or so pounds of demonic looking Nightbane falling onto you is enough to keep anyone quiet for a while. When I didn't feel anything break under be I turned into a shadow and slipped out of the net. In the time he would use to escape I wanted to pick him up and fly him away. Neutralize the guy paying for all of this crap. I would have loved to even have just picked him up in the net and fling him into a building or in the air!

But no such luck…

    As I reached for the net he had finally managed to wriggle out of it and it disappeared. After that we heard Mason take off yelling, "I'm not getting paid enough for this!" After the Merc leader left all his lackeys stood down and all that was left was Merick.

    When I turned back he was gone… Fucker was running into the Mayor's office. I shifted into a shadow and managed to catch him as he ran out the back door. He seemed to just be muttering Bible verses and shit, but I really didn't care. I took him back to everyone and on the way his body went limp. Fucker died on me… Oh well. I took that necklace of his off, and the chain reformed one I broke it off his neck… The whole magical shit in this world I'm still getting used to but that definitely isn't normal. Ill get it looked at when we get back to town.

    With the fighting done we all stopped to lick our wounds and survey the town for any resistance. During that time Jeagar and I took down the crucified bodied and lined everyone up. Except for Merick. I left up one crucifix and put him up there. I ripped off his clothes and took of the fucker's head. If anyone was a devil to be purged it was him. And speaking of demon… I knew someone would ask about the only body left up so I kicked his head full force and it kind of exploded.

    I sat down to heal and examine the necklace when Milo approached me. He understandably asked me about the one body still on the cross and I just replied to him, "Don't worry about it." He didn't really want to drop it so I peeled my gaze from the necklace and said, "Look you've known me for a bit and that in general I'm not a bad person, but he deserves it. Don't take him down. Just don't worry about it."

    He seemed uneasy about it but dropped the subject. I decided to lead us into the bar, because taking that much damage hurts like a mother…

    Unfortunately nobody was in the tavern to sell us anything. Can't say I blame them but still. We tried calling out saying we were getting drinks.


    We ended out drinks and business and left to return to Phoenix where Freya and Nymphadora had stayed.

    Now, we returned to Phoenix to… well let's say an unconventional greeting. Everything looked almost like martial law had been imposed. They said we all needed to follow the entry guards inside and what we found inside was shocking to sau the least. First off, that other Nightbane was in Phoenix, but I knew that before we even saw them, and secondly we found Freya.

Covered in blood.

Without arms.

    Okay that'd not fully correct… she had arms, but they were nailed to the wall she was propped up on detached from her.

This should be interesting…



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