Requiem of the Undying

Ash's Journal Journal Entry #7

Just had to be Vampires...

[Note: This passage seems to contain half truths provided in order to protect the author in the event this Journal was found and read. My goal as a third party is to set the record straight]

We managed to strike up a conversation with the people who were standing in front of Freya. As it turns out they had tortured and finally disarmed our comrade. I did manage to strike up a conversation with the other Nightbane. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. After a bit of discussion he apparently tortured Freya for information regarding the location of Nymphadora. We continued to explain we have 0 idea where she was. Including the fact that, yes we are traveling with her, but we don't know the end destination. They finally accepted that we knew nothing about her location. I asked them if they knew what the amulet I found on Merick did and they ended up asking for it back assuming he was dead.

Well they weren't wrong.

They took the amulet back and took all like 40 of their guards with them. After they left we searched the town to find the guards and see what had happened before that group imposed martial law.

Ville and I went to the AMC building and didn't find any guards there. We took a few guns to protect ourselves and returned to the group to collect ourselves.

[I need to interject here, because this is not all true. It's true that VIlle and Ash entered the AMC and found no guards, however the proceeded to hack into a company computer, property of AMC, then used Ville's power of intangibility to phase through AMC's storage rooms and raid their base for weapons. As if that was not enough Ville also took a 12 pack of beer from their break room. In addition they also found a cat that didn't seem to want to leave them alone, and they took it too. The pilfering duo proceeded to liquidate the weapons around town and drink the AMC's beer]

We hung out around the local bar while Freya was being tended to and as it turns out she was getting cybernetic arms. She apparently won't be able to use her magic ans stuff but she can upgrade them and stuff which is cool.. It took 3 days for Freya's surgery to be completed and in that time Ville and I decided to wander around town and look at the shops. While we were out a small black cat started to follow us. After awhile we decided it was a stray and decided to adopt it. It's name is Mao.

[They were actually selling off the weapons and trying not to raise suspicion from their party, and the cat was the one they took from the AMC]

I even managed to get a cool new weapon for Withengar! [With the money they got from stolen weapons] This thing is a 6 ft long chainsaw blade that has silver teeth! Badass motherfucking chainsaw blade. We also managed to get an anti-vampire gauntlet. [They actually got it from AMC] This thing fires stakes, has a retractable silver blade, and a magical flamethrower! Since we were going further South it was a good buy. [Steal]

As a group we decided upon my play to search South for 1 month in an attempt to find Nymphadora, and should we not find her after a month we would go our own ways.

When Freya was well enough to travel we set out south at day break. At about 2 pm we hit a town that we probably should not have stopped at, but seeing as it was 2 pm and we didn't know where the next town was so we decided to stay they night and head out in the morning.

That is not how it happened.

When we arrived everyone was super happy, which was really annoying. Apparently they had taken out a large vampire nest the night before and were about to celebrate the deed. The party relaxed a bit as I went off to see if the town would pay me to charge the lanterns they had. THe guy was in such good spirits he offered 50,000 credits for 100 P.P.E. charge, so I was pretty happy with that. [One of the only instances of legitimate work Ash does]

I returned to the tavern where I assume everyone in my group was and began meditating which I did for apparently 5 hours. Meditating is a lot easier here. There's so much more magical energy and it feels so refreshing.

When I stopped the meditation the party had stated and everyone was drinking. I didn't really feel like it after Ville and I drank a 12 pack together when we were hanging out. (Hanging out in the back of a truck with stolen weapons and pilfered beer)

As we were watching the festivities Zeke and Ragnar announced there were vampires in the vicinity. We looked around but with all the people and vast size of the part we couldn't see anything. I had an idea. I got on the Truck's audio system and announced the the drunken mass that is before me, "How is everyone doing now that we took that nest huh?" Everyone cheered, "Let's turn this party up a notch! Everyone turn to your neighbor and splash them with water! make sure they're not vampire scum!!!"

Good thing they were all drunk because their drinks went flying. We did manage to see someone leave the party quickly as if in pain and tracked him down. Ragnar flew toward him as the rest of us made our way on foot through the crowd. According to Ragnar as he shot the man he misted. So it was definitly a vamp. We tried to warn a guard but he didn't believe us. We thought the best course of action was to continue to douse everyone in water all night to make sure there weren't any more vamps in the crowd.

After a while the vampires must have left and we were able to breath with a tad more ease.

As the party died off in the morning I approached a guard and tried to tell him about what had happened and it meant there were vampires IN the town. He didn't believe me. Being a tad irritated and a sliver desperate, I thought that maybe if we could shock him into believing that I knew what I was talking about.

Let's just say that didn't work. [More accurately the guard thought he was dreaming. He was actually very drunk.]

After the guard walked away with 0 sense of urgency I decided to try the guard barracks. Apparently my allies had a similar Idea because I saw everybody come up as I was pounding on the door. A very inebriated guard ended up opening the door. Ill skip past this but Ville ended up trying to wake him up with water and after awhile we just left. [Ville assaulted the guard with an illc onceived attempt to dunk his head in water]

We decided Fuck it. We were going to bed and at day break we were leaving. We all slept in the back of the trucks prepped to get the hell out of here ASAP.

When we woke up there were two large suits of armor guarding the main gate out of town. Fuck. When we approached them they told us to return to our homes as the town was under quarantine.

Now… We all were jut irritated. Not to mention there were two similar power armor suits at the back gate too. We were boxed in. Now I could fly out… But the tall armor with a cannon apparently had a 2 mile range. Im not risking that shit.

We were stuck. We headed into the closest tavern to see if anyone knew what was going on. Apparently everyone was convinced vampires were there and feeding on some of the locals. [This is not entirely accurate. Ash and his party were the ones that spread the rumors hoping to cause panic to mask their escape]

Weird part… We noticed around that there were no guards wandering around. Assuming they were useless [They really were] we decided to investigate things ourselves.

From the town's people we got names and locations of people acting strangely as it was a clear sign of vampiric influences.

We found a total of 3 people with bite marks on their necks and proceeded to coat the every loving shit out of their rooms with garlic. We then told everyone in town about the vampire victims we found and the best way to protect themselves was to use garlic as a repellant. We also got a bunch of people to join the huddled masses of people at the taverns locked in with tons of garlic.

That night we waited in the tavern with Ragnar and Zeke at opposite ends of town. Should either one sense Vampires they would radio in and we could group up at the tavern to protect the people.

Hours passed and the vampire sense dissipated in the morning.

We decided to check in on our Vampire victims. Every. Damn. One. All of them were affected again and all the garlic was gone.

We all had enough. With the 1st victim we tried to move him away from where he was and he began to flail until we left him alone. We proceeded to handcuff him and I knocked him out and Zeke took him into his bedroom to begin barricading it. We went to the other home knocked them out and took them back to the 1st house. We tied them together with bedding and rope and went to pick up the final victim so we could keep an eye on her.

Unfortunately we were to late, as when we approached her house it was on fire. We used outr water cannons to try to put the fire out as everyone was panicked. Once the flames were out we asked around if anyone had seen anything. That poor woman never had a chance in her hypnotized state.

[Alright, this is by far the largest falsehood in this given account. Without going into graphic detail I need to set this record straight.

Ash and his group did arrive at the house, but it was not in flames. They entered the home to find the third victim sitting at her dining table. They attempted to move her chair and when she stood they cuffed the woman behind her back and Ville attempted to knock her out, but lacked the strength to do so. The woman was sent into a frenzy after being attacked and began flailing wildly against her restraints. Examination of the body indicated that the blunt force to her head from two points is what killed her. Most likely Jeagar and Ash reacted by punching the woman in hopes of knocking her out. Both punches ended up killing her. Now whether his motives were honorable or not was still to be questioned. But the body was found to be staked, beheaded, and burned on sight. Seeing as how this is the normal way one would kill a vampire it can be speculated that Ash was taking the precaution that the victim would still turn. However the burning down of the woman's home is not needed to kill a vampire. Either is was a mistake and the fire spread too quickly to contain, or another member of the group decided to set fire to the home to dispose of all the evidence. Most agree it was the second. They group then ran out of the building a bit then ran back to hurriedly put out the flames as honorable heroes]

We returned to Zeke and our 2 charges and tried to keep them safe. We napped and attempted to keep watch in shifts but for now as im writing this, I'm just hope we can save these people.



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