Ash / Withengar

Nightbane Mystic



Age: 24
Birth Date: February 4, 1982
Height 5’8"
Eyes: Blue
Weight: Exact weight unknown. Underweight.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Black, stretches to mid back in length (Blue highlights)
Body type: Lean
Notable Markings:
Scar under right eye.
Multiple tattoos spread across entire body.
Most noticeable are the forearms.
(Left) The word Vitae, with the “t” as an ankh.
(Right) The word Abaddon with eyes on either side of text.
Usually seen in large coats and other forms of concealing clothing.

Stats # Bonus
IQ 12 +0% skills
ME 15 +0 Psionic/Insanity
MA 15 +0% Trustworthy
PS 25 +10 Hand to Hand Damage
PP 13 +0 Parry/Dodge/Strike
PE 12 +0% vs Coma/Death. +0 vs Magic/Poison
PB 12 +0% Charm/Impress
SPD 15 300 Yards/minute
SDC 70
HP 17
PPE 111
5 attacks per round + Strike
+3 Roll with Impact +2 vs Magic
+5 vs Horror Factor +1 vs Psionics
+ Perception +1 vs Disease
Stats # Bonus
IQ 12 +0% skills
ME 15 +0 Psionic/Insanity
MA 15 +0% Trustworthy
PS 37 +22 Hand to Hand Damage
PP 19 +2 Parry/Dodge/Strike
PE 22 +14% vs Coma/Death. +4 vs Magic/Poison
PB 12 +0% Charm/Impress
SPD 22 440 Yards/minute SPD Flying 58 1160 Yards/minute
MDC 328
Regen 10 MDC per melee round
Horror Factor 18
PPE 111
+2 Roll with Impact +1 vs Magic
+4 vs Horror Factor +2 vs Possession
+1 Perception +1 Strike with Sword
+1 Strike with Bow +1 Parry with Bow

Ash, the Nightbane Mystic

Growing Up

Right now, I’m 24, but my change came when I was 16. That’s the day I released that I really wasn’t a normal human, or human at all for that matter. I never knew my parents, as far as I was told I was an orphan. I was passed from foster family to foster family for a long time, but most of my foster parents found me unsettling and tried to push me away and eventually getting rid of me. I just wanted to be friends with my new families but, that never ended up working out. At 15 I found a home with a widower father who only kept me to do chores, hey cheap labor right? He drank a lot and ended up beating me after a while most likely to forget his wife. Missing a lot of school, doing manual labor and dealing with that man’s drunken rages.

The Change

I was 16 when my true self showed itself. my “father” came home one day from the bar and started throwing things around the apartment. Nothing new, but aiming at my head was newish. He ended up catching me with a ceramic ash tray and I went down. He took his belt and started lashing me with the buckle. I remember feeling so pissed and focused and riding out the pain, but on one lash his buckle caught me under my right eye and everything went red.

I thought that the red was blood, but it wasn’t. I saw my arms grow large and black and stood up towering over my abusive father figure. I ended up grabbing him and smashing him against the wall till the bricks gave out, and ripped him apart with little effort.
Afterwards I ran. I don’t know if there were any witnesses, but I thought it was all a dream until I woke up and tried to go back. Cops were everywhere, and I saw the enormous hole in the side of the building.
It wasn’t a dream.
That man got what he deserved, but it shouldn’t have been that way. His hatred, fear, and loss had poured into me over the years, just like the fear of all my previous families still had left marks on my soul.
That’s what I was. I was truly an embodiment of fear. A demonic figure of terror.

Getting By

I ended up doing odd jobs where I could to keep myself alive as I came to terms with what I was. I was skeptical of others, and tried to get used to my other form as much as I could. However, whenever someone saw me as the demon I would flee and relocate. Best not to draw too much attention. My drive was to survive. I ended up running drugs, getting involved with a few gang members, but overall it was just to survive. I wanted to find a way to accept my form and find those who would be able to do the same, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. Although, one good part of the demon was that I could fly. It was so freeing. I never stayed too long in my other form. It’s not that I minded it, it’s just that I didn’t want to be found out.

My Sin

There was one night I was in an ally and heard screams. It was a woman, she and a man were screaming at each other. Nothing new in the city, but the escalated into a full blown fight, and he ended up beating her. I tried to just put it out of my head, but deep in my mind I heard a deep ominous voice growl and I lost control, and the demon form took over. I flew up and reached through the brick wall grabbing the man in my claws. I ripped him our of his home and flew him into the sky, most likely crushing him a bit in my grip. He screamed and pleaded the entire time, but they didn’t even register to me. When I got to the could level I raised him up, and as he wept I threw him full force towards the ground. When I regained my composure, I felt like shit. I couldn’t control the rage and terror in me. While the demon might be a part of me, it’s not always in line with what I want. I gave it a name, Withengar, in an attempt to be able to be closer to it, and hopefully be able to calm him down. I just hope that sort of thing doesn’t happen again.


When I was about 22 the world experienced Dark Day. A day where this world and the world beyond joined and released all the beasts and myths that the world wasn’t prepared for me. Like me. It was then I came to realize that I wasn’t alone. Not in the slightest. Vampires, Hounds, even other Nightbanes, I saw them all running through the streets. I tried to stay hidden but the Hounds always managed to find me, I know now it’s because they could sense the magic within me. I ended fighting some and managed to take down three before I was able to flee. The worst part of that day for me what a vampire ended up coming after me. A fucking vampire… The last thing that I needed that day. That fight took forever, Everything I threw at him he just seemed to heal back and reform. I finally managed to kill it when I beat it into the base of a fountain outside a mall. I was pretty messed up from that thing. Luckily Withengar regenerates pretty fast, but not as fast as those bity bastards. They hurt. From that day on I was on the run from hounds, and other random crap every other week or so.

Me Now

I want to try and find a way to survive, but not just to survive, to live. Have friends and, maybe they can even accept Withengar. I want a life that’s not just based on survival, but that will always feel like I’m flying through he clouds.

Ash / Withengar

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