True Atlantean Mystic


Age: 24 (Atlanteans age differently, range is 100-150 years)
Height: 7’2"
Weight: 150 lbs
Crystal Lavender Eyes
Plum-Violet hair
Porcelain ivory skin

Stats # Bonus
IQ 14 +0% skills
ME 15 +0 Psionic/Insanity
MA 17 +45% Trustworthy
PS 26 +11 Hand to Hand Damage
PP 8 +0 Parry/Dodge/Strike
PE 14 +0% vs Coma/Death. +0 vs Magic/Poison
PB 16 +30% Charm/Impress
SPD 11 220 Yards/minute
SDC 71
HP 16
ISP 45
PPE 55
+2 Roll with Impact +1 vs Magic
+4 vs Horror Factor +2 vs Possession
+1 Perception +1 Strike with Sword
+1 Strike with Bow +1 Parry with Bow
Mystic Abilities Description
Sense Supernatural Evil

The Psychic is keenly aware of the presence of supernatural evil. The Mystic can feel the evil as a shiver down the back, bile in the throat and an extreme sense of uneasiness. The sensation is vague and cannot pinpoint the source of evil. Addition abilities much be used. The power costs no ISP and is Automatic.

Range: 300ft +20ft per additional level

Base Ability:50% +5% per level

Opening Oneself to the Supernatural

The Mystic can open themselves up the the supernatural for additional effects. The Mystic can become a medium for which Entities can speak through them. The effect lasts 1D6+1 minutes and the Mystic cannot speak or think for themselves during this time. The mystic also will have no memory of the incident.

The Mystic is opened to all forms of telepathic and empathetic communication, as well as +10% to recieve Ley Line Transmission in the “open” state.

An Open State Trance is where the Mystic focuses all their energy and thoughts into ’becoming one" with supernatural energies. They cannot speak or take any actions. While in the trance, they become invisible to all psionic probes and they even seem to fade into the environment.

Success Ratio: 50% +5% per level. Is only seen if the person is actually looking for them. Even if detected, +8 vs psionic attacks and +4 vs magic in the trance state

In the open trance state, the character can continue Sense Supernatural Evil as previously described, but now they can get a picture of of what it is, as well the general location. The Mystic can also ‘feel’ large fluxes of energy, magic power, PPE, opening of dimensional portals, the arrival of an Ancient Evil, the flow of Ley Line energy, Ley Line storms brewing, and the such. If the Mystic wishes, they can follow the supernatural energies to exact location of supernatural evil. However, the evil can trace and find the Mystic.

Range: 600ft +100 per level. No ISP cost.

The character loses any chance for initiative, and forfeits one action per melee while sensing. However they +8 vs psionic and possession, +4 vs magic, and +3 to perception while in trance.

Magic Spells
• Sense Evil ; 90 foot radius, Duration of 2 minutes per level
• Chameleon ; Touch range, (must be touched) you or another target, four and a half minute duration, 90% undetectable not moving, 70% undetectable moving 2 feet per round, 20% undetectable moving 6 feet per round 6 P.P.E.
• See Aura ; 100 foot radius, duration is one melee round ; estimates general level of experience, the presence of magic, the presence of psychic abilities, the presence of a possessing entity, health (sick, injured) (6 P.P.E.)
• Globe of Daylight ; 30 foot radius, duration 12 (3 minutes) rounds per level, 2 P.P.E.
• Cleanse; Self or someone up to 10 feet away, gets away dirt, grime, becomes spotless from head to toe, cannot be used on body armor, buildings, vehicles, etc. pile of clothes no more than 25 lbs,
• Fear (Horror Factor of 16) 20 – 100 feet away, one minute per level duration, creates a sensation of fear, over an area ( 20 foot max) anybody entering the area, rolls to save, vs horror factor 16
• See the invisible, 200 foot radius, duration of 4 rounds per level, 4 P.P.E.

Sensitive Powers
• Telepathy, surface thoughts up to 60 foot radius, two way telepathic communication up to 140 foot radius (40) per level, (4 I.S.P.)
• Sense Evil 40 foot radius, duration of 2 minutes, indicates the general number of supernatural evil beings, can register the intensity of evil, and pinpoint the general location to a room, item, person, (2 I.S.P.)
• Increased Healing, Touch or 3 foot radius, duration 2D4 days, length of trance 1D6 hours,
• Intuitive Combat, self range, Lasts two melee rounds per level, must concentrate for 15 seconds (1 round) BONUSES: +3 initiative, +1 to strike, +1 to parry, +4 to dodge, +4 to pull punch, +2 to roll with punch,, fall or impact, +2 to disarm, cannot be caught by surprise
• Meditation, +6 ISP per hour of meditation
• Healing Touch,
2D4 HP or 2D6 S.D.C.

• Language, Greek, Spanish, Elf/dragon, English
• Dance- 45%
• Horsemanship- 50%-30%
• Navigation-46%
• Lore Magic-40%
• Lore Demons and Monsters-45%
• Lore Psychics and Psionics-45%
• Lore Faeries and Creatures of Magic-45%
• Philosophy- 50%
• Wilderness Survival- 45%
• First Aid 15%
• Climbing 45
• Pick locks 35%
• Espionage – Detect Ambush 30%
• Doctor- 65%
• History Post-Apocalypse 40%
• Land Navigation-40%


We were asked on a quest from a princess named Nymphodora, from a lost Atlantean tribe in south America, where My husband and I, Ragnar, found on our travels. Her mother has apparently been kidnapped and taken to Mexico. We have no idea who or what could have taken her. She has asked us as a group to escort and help her find her mother.


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