True Atlantean Techno-Wizard


Race: Atlantean
Height: 7’6"
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Age: Unkown


Have been a dimensional traveler most of my life. My cousin and I, Ezekiel, have been on a journey for a while, looking for ancient artifacts and a family heirloom we believe to be somewhere in another dimension. We have come across many different friends and enemies, the newest of friends from a well hidden clan, “Princess” Nymphadora. I betrothed Fraiya, whom I have known since childhood. We have also shared many travels including meeting Nymphadora. Nymphadora came with us on our travels as well, in search of her mother who mysteriously disappeared without a trace, but is believed to be south of Arzno.

Atlantis is now controlled by evil, enslaving all creatures, but Atlanteans are highly favored. The Splugorth, are inter-dimensional travelers as well as slave traders. They now hold Atlantis. Nobody knows how truly powerful they are. The minions of Splugorth are well known for raid parties, capturing humans for slave trade.


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