True Atlantean Cyber Knight


Age: 45
Height: 6ft 9in
Eyes: Golden
Weight: 199 lbs
Hair: Light brown, long on top, buzzed on the sides, a single braid from the back to of his skull to his shoulder
Body: Muscular with the look of metal covering full upper body. A flaming sword tattoo on his left wrist and a heart with stake tattoo on his right. Wolverine tattoo on his left rib. a small heart with wings on the right side of his neck.
Normally in armor but when not wears only a New west style jacket but no shirt. Always has his Laser pistol and sword on him unless town rules deny this.


Early Life:

Milo was born and raised in Arzno, parents dying shortly after reaching adulthood. Growing up life wasn’t easy but it was managable. While going to school, Milo met the woman of his dreams, Keyda. They were married at 27, wanting to spend the most of their many years together. a few years later, Keyda gave birth to a son, Thatch, whic brought him great joy and concern. His new boy would be the greatest thing to happen to him but the world was a dangerous place, with rumors of Coalition moving towards the west, raiders striking more frequesntly and another party gone missing gone to the remains of Flagstaff, his son was entering into a world that would not treat him right.

While drinking at a saloon ran by one of his clan memebers, he noticed a man in full armor talking about his travels and the deeds he had done. Intrigued, he asked about how long he had been part of the guild. Only this man wasn’t a mercenary, he was a Cyber Knight. He talked to him about all the good they were trying to do and what standing with the Cyber Knights meant. By the time they had broke their conversation, it was part last call.

Eager to tell hi wife, he woke her up from her sleep and told her his plan. That to protect her and their son, to help make the world Thatch would grow up in even a little better world, he was going to become the Cyber Knight. A week later he was packed and about to head to the outpost to sign up. Before leaving, his wife, who runs a general good store, gave him a shield with their clan symbol on it.


Milo trained with the prodigy Nissa. Before starting out, the heads of the Cyber Knights told him of her back round, about her brother, that they were hoping he could help her level her head. He said he would try.

Trying came from the bruises, the scars and the nights passed out from exhaustion. As time passed they built a trust and at least to Milo a friendship. When they returned to Arzno she would visit with his family and Milo would spend whatever time he had to keep her company and work together.

As part pf his trust he has sworn to one day help her put to rest her feeling for her brother. Its the least he can do for a friend.


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