Requiem of the Undying

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Bought rooms in a hotel for all travelers, was approached by some random man with a note. The note says many people are unhappy with the battle of Fraiya, Jaegar and Milo with the saber tooth cat. The people lost 1,000,000 credits and are demanding it within 72 hours. I set on a quest for my remaining team. They had set out to look for Jaegar, who seems to have gone missing after repairing his armor. 

Ash's Journal Entry #2
That's a Bit Kitty...

Today was the first day we set out on our magical adventure to rescue the queen from whatever the hell she is doing. This party Im running with is already stretching my mind beyond belief. They tried to leave the city across the Grand Canyon. On hovering platforms. This day already started off weird. We ended up running into a different party of people trying to enter the city and were having issues coming in. Milo tried talking to the guy yelling at the guard but I was too busy looking at the rest of the party. There was one guy that kept staring at me. He was wearing a brown robe and it was a tad unsettling. but that was really it. We ended up leaving and made our way to the next town. Id like to also say the princess we were traveling with was flying along with us. I mean, I fly myself… But I have wings. This tattooed girl was flying super fucking fast and just looked bored doing it. We must have been going over 100 miles per hour and this chick is bored. Flying. Without wings. It was weird.

Anyway we finally got to this town and it again looked like the set of a bad western. I tried to see if I could bed and get some cash after I found out that paper money is basically useless. I ended up selling my gun to a weapons dealer for credits. Some futuristic USB stick that has money on it apparently. Using my new funds I bought a cloak and decided to wander the town till my party was ready to leave. I didn't wander long before I heard that 3 Atlanteans were fighting some monster in Colosseum. Turns out it was our idiots gearing up to be gladiators. I decided to bet on them.

They released this giant cat that looked like a super huge Mufasa from the Lion King on roids. I though things were going pretty well until Simba swiped Milo into a wall and disintegrated his armor. At that point I regretted my bet. However, the rest of the battle they managed to keep the beast's attention divided between the three of them.

I was shocked that the odds were 11:1 against them so I made quite a bit of cash.

I headed back to the saloon and had a drink and Milo brought over this large wolf looking dude. HIs name is Odin. He looks like I giant humanoid wolf in armor that looked like Milo's before he got bitch slapped by a mega-lion. He seemed like a cool dude and I guess he's going to be traveling with us a while. We had some drinks and I got an awesome idea. Much better than most of my drunk ideas. I ended up going back to that robe guy and asked for a rush order for a 13 ft long robe. The guy looked confused and asked if it was for my friend. Turns out Odin followed me and there was a goddamn 10 ft tall puppy in the window. I told the clerk it still needed to be 13 ft and paid him more so I could pick it up at night. I walked out of the store and asked Odin why he followed me. Apparently he wanted to see my sword. I said if he bought be a drink he could see it. That puppy guy is pretty cool, I even bought him a bath so he could be super fluffy. I was right and he looks so goddamn fluffy! But he wouldn't let me pet him. I'll see if I can when he sleeps.


Not much happened the rest of the day, people were off doing stuff, I drank and picked up my robe and crashed out. Let's hope tomorrow has less bad decisions.

Ash's Journal Entry 1
Not Kansas Anymore

    Today started rather average, I was hanging around Metro Center in the crowds to try and hide from the Hounds. They've been less aggressive when they can't pinpoint me. Today it seemed they didn't care. They swarmed around me as I tried to weave my way deeper into the mall. I managed to duck into a changing room and change to Withengar as they caught up with me. Before we started fighting the air between us started to, shimmer? I guess? Then it ripped open. Not shitting you, space and time was ripped a new one and I got swucked through. I ended up in a place that legit looked like bad western movie that took place in the future. I've taken drugs less trippy than this.

    I ended up seeing the tear in space get a bit bigger as the hounds came through, my spectating was short lived as 2 vultures flew through. Withengar took over as we beat each other midair. Strangest part of the fight was I felt stronger. I almost felt my skin hardening. My muscles felt even larger and my punches I could tell packed more of a punch. After I killed the vultures I looked down and saw a hound fighting, I shit you not, a dude dressed as a knight. Not exactly the weirdest thing that's happened today, so first thing was first I dove-bombed the hound.

I managed to hit him pretty hard I guess because his glaive was on the ground, I picked it up and started attacking it. Half way through fighting the thing it flew backwards. Okay, flew is not the right word. It looks like it was thrown forcefully into a pyramid. Not kidding. Pyramid. Withengar followed it and finally killed it.

When I looked up every person in town it looked like had leveled guns at me. Understandable considering my charming demonic demeanor. I talked my way out of it and explained who and what I was. Odd thing, all the people there were tall. Not taller than me, but definitely not human height. Turns out they were Atlanteans. Fish people. But not fish people. And I almost fucking lost it when their leader's name was Milo… MILO!!! Like from the movie Atlantis!!! This whole thing was just a mind trip. I didn't have much time to reel because it looked like several robots flew over and again held me at gun point. Apparently these guys were the guards of the city and weren't happy with me. I tried to comply and not resist but then they all powered down. This woman spoke up and said she put them all to sleep and that I should get inside. I would argue but at that point I just didn't care anymore. I shifted abck and went inside their pyramid temple. I just went with it.

They proceeded to fill me in on where I was and everything else.

Turns out the year is 102 P.A. post apocalypse. Which explains why everything is just odd. It seems these Atlantean guys, who are tall as fuck by the wall, are going to save their queen in South America. It sounds like a cliche video game plot, but I think the best chance I have in this world is to stay with these guys. I mean their princess saved me, and on top of that, every one of these guys know what I am and seem to take it in their stride. That is definitely a first. I may actually be able to get along with these guys. We're setting out in the morning to go to South America. I've never been to South America, and I've certainly not been on an adventure like this that hasn't involved running drugs. I'll try to keep this journal updated as much as I can.


Side note, Milo, the knight guy gave me some light armor. That shit is not light. I feel like im wearing lead. and this shit is hot. How the hell is he wearing heavy armor?



Fraiya's Journal Entry #1
New Adventure

The sun is shining, it's hot. Very hot. I believe even sometimes humans feel like vampires simply beCAUSE IT BURNS TO BE OUTSIDE OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS?! UGH! -Anyway, my husband and Zeke have met other travelers on our expedition to Mexico. We were all traveling peacefully, when out of nowhere opened a rift. And out of this rift came this terrifying demon (nearly shat myself).

Along with this demon came skeletons. The skeletons seemed to be primarily focused on the demon. Not knowing if this demon was friendly, we decided to jump in the fight. We were successful, yet we still do not know who or what just happened. I did a quick read of him and he is not evil (WHEW) so that gives me peace of mind. He calls himself Withengar in his demon form and Ash in his seemingly human form. I shit you not, Withengar is terrifying, I'm not sure even a suppress fear spell would have helped. The so-called skeletons that also came through he calls them Hounds. As to his back story and where he is from is still uncertain. He seems to be familiar with certain parts of our world though. We all agreed to have him accompany us on our quest until he finds what he is looking for. I will have nightmares. For months. 


The battle happened in front of the Atlantean Temple, or what in old days would be called an "Embassy". I managed to camaflouge myself into the temple and use my energy pistol to do SOME damage, I am a doctor after all. After a long day of travel and a TERRIFYING incident that nobody an seem to explain, we set up camp for the night. 


The watch is pretty uneventful, going to sleep a little longer, another entry tomorrow! I can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead!




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