Requiem of the Undying

Jaeger's logs 1-6

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Jäger's logs

I'm sitting by myself at a bar when a cyber knight approaches me asking if I'm a gun for hire
I say yeah what of it?
He asks if I wanna join him on an escort mission.
Now escorting ain't my thing and neither is babysittin'. But I need the creds. I take him up on the offer- no second thoughts.

Well this just went from boring to interesting. A demon popped up out of a rift accompanied with other nether world like things. One of them even cut my gun in half! Turns out, this big fella is actually a shapeshifting thing. Calls himself a nightbane. He should be a reliable ally. That princess though. Why does she need our help? She seems strong enough to cross the border on her own.
I got a replacement gun, and we're about to hit the road now


We passed a gate full of jerks and weirdos, and now we're setting up camp at a gas station. I got first watch with Ash, the nightbane. Should be easy going.

Well we made it to another town. Everything is slick so far. I fetched some crystals to have our techno wizard craft me a globe of daylight revolver. I realize my cross may not be enough incase vampires hit us. We're all having lunch at a tavern when I hear word of an arena quest. 50,000 credit reward. I'm thinking, that sounds nice. But the mission. Our cyber knight wants to do it. I tell him "the mission". He says "but". I say "the mission". He says "50,000 credits though. We can take it" I say fine. Let's do it. We also recruit our mystic into it. I'm about to go in. Let's do this.

Boy oh boy where do I begin. Been a long time since I entered anything in.
Ok. So I go into the arena with my squad. And what the hell is the first thing that happens? My gun jams. Why? Because I never bothered to inspect it after I received it.
Thankfully my cyber knight buddy got me covered – at his own expense. Poor fella got pinned. I had to make myself useful and unjam my sub. At this point I don't recall exactly all of what happened, but he also got his armor ripped apart, mine too, he got knocked back, was actually kinda funny. Our mystic got its attention, i get its attention, the cyber knight gets its attention, somewhere along the lines I go blind, I keep shooting regardless, next thing I know, it's over. I apparently shot it to death? Didn't even use as much ammo as I expected. But I was rather exhausted at that point. I used a lot of psi energy that match.
What stinks though. Is after the exchange, I only made 1000 creds after having to buy new armor

Had to take a writing break. My head still hurts. So anyway after the match, I get kidnapped. Don't recall how. All I know is one moment I'm recovering from blindness, the next moment I am in the back of a moving truck. I squirm around but to no good result. I get hit in the back of my head with the butt of a rifle.
Mind telling me what's going on? I grit my teeth
I just hear this really pissant voice "you remember that coliseum match? Someone lost a lot of money because of you"
Sucks to suck pal
Exactly. That's why you're here.
A few hours pass. It feels like it's sundown now based on the way the air feels. I have a bag over my head by the way, and I'm tied up. I get thrown in what's probably a basement and I hear a locking mechanism.
I wait awhile. Time to plan my escape.
These guys really do not know how to tie rope. I slip out no problems. I look around the room and there is nothing of use. Just some food, barrels, and bags. Looks like there's two ways out possible. The door or the window. I peak out the window first. No one is there.
I don't want to go out the door risking someone being on the other side. I need to assess the situation better first too.
I stack the barrels and cut through the window with my psi-blade. So far so good. There are two trucks outside, there's a barn and a main house. The lights are still on. And the road stretches for miles.
I'm gonna wait this out a bit longer



The sun is down now and only the main room lights are  on from what I can tell. I go to their cars. They're not locked. This is my escape – sort of. I try hotwiring them. Something I had only heard of. I think I messed up on the first one. Okay I definitely messed up on both. It was then that I decided – I am not stuck there with them, they're stuck with me. I grab some arms they were stupid enough to leave in the cars. A shotgun and a pistol. This time I'm smart enough to inspect their condition. I try to sneak in through the barn to gather more arms or gather intel. Can't get in. Let's try the back. I screw up so badly on that on the pick snaps in the lock. They definitely can't use that door anymore. Let's try the front. Nothing. Okay.. I'll just climb up to the window and go in through there. The window slides up but much louder than I expected. I stab him with my psi blade. Dead. I search the room, get more arms. Move up to the next one. Same deal. I snag a revolver with silver bullets. Should be very helpful against vampires. And an energy rifle and a water gun of sorts. The tech wizard can have that. I also have armor finally. Time to move downstairs. I ready my shotgun.
Next thing I know I hear footsteps and a sharp "who the fuck are you!" I look and immediately shoot. As I shoot I feel myself forcibly knocked back by the recoil and see a display of fireworks and blood scatter across the wall. This shotgun is apparently explosive. A body without a head collapses and I hit my back pretty hard. In the mass of confusion I see others look out from the doors and go back in the rooms ahead – shit, I forgot to sweep that area. I also hear a bunch of scrambling and shouting downstairs – as well as a high pitch humming. Damn tinnitus. There's probably a lot more downstairs than up. I need to make sure I don't get over run. I pick myself and shoot at the stairs, this time with the intent of destroying it. Perfect. I get sent knocked  back again. Two of them step out the doors in the other rooms. I draw my pistol- it's showtime. We trade shots, but I hit them more. Two down. I approach back to the stairs, and see one them gimping just barely. Looks like he barely made it up. I can only see his upper half, and his head is wobbling back and forth with his body. Rather than trying to trace it, I wait for his skull to fit in my sights. Boom. Headshot. Another beautiful stroke of crimson on their canvas. I hear panic "shit! Get the grenades!" ok. So these fools wanna bank shot me? Tough. I can do tricks too. I pull out the shotgun again to make a shooting hole through the floor. Surprisingly I can't see anyone – these guys must have been quick. Then the next thing I know all I hear is "over there!". Crap, that gave away my spot with no result. I move to the back end of the hallway. And ready my pistol. Next thing I know I see that damn olive green ball of unbiased unforgiving pain plop just a few meters in front of me. Then a globe of yellow light emerges. My ears are ringing now and I see the two holes rush to each other. The floor beneath me collapses. Everything feels shaky now. These guys don't look any better than me now.


Okay that's a lie, I still had it. 4 on 1. Just gotta pick em off one by one. We trade shots again. The other dude's shotgun jams and then misfires. Poor dude's gun exploded then chains with his 'nades. Some of them even got caught in the hit. 3 on 1. I shoot down another. My armor is gone at this point. 2 left. I shoot one more. Laser shot burned like a bitch but it won't kill me. 1 more. I see the hopelessness in his eyes. The shock of disbelief. This is the moment I live for. This is the adrenaline I like. When I take more than what I can chew and down it like a champ. I switch to my rifle and down he goes. "Sucks to suck" I exhale with slight disappointment that my fun is over.
I lather my face with the blood of my enemies. Reprising my joy with overcoming this struggle, I make my way to where the kitchen is. I light a cigarette. Time for a hard earned smoke break. Something I wanted to since taking down the panther. Now I have two reasons.
I spent the next few minutes searching the place for other things that may be useful. What did I find? My gear of course. And some railguns. Also a new set of armor. Though it does look goofy and out of place.

Time for me to hit the hay.

I woke up to the smell of rotting corpses.  It doesn't bother me much. Honestly an odor I am used to by now. I go prep a pot of coffee. These guys have some real good shit. Gourmet shit. I see a note, and it's talking about me. Says keep the prisoner alive take him here three days later. Just an address. Nothing else important to me beyond that. I put it in my butt pocket for keepsake. If someone wants my ass that bad, they're gonna know in a few days I won't be at that location, and they ain't obviously gonna hear from the dead men here. If they want my head so badly, they can come and chase it.


#2 The Lions Den

After traveling to Joseph City, we stop to check out the fair going on. Lots lf stands selling goods and junk. Jager and i go to have a drink and get talked into entering thw fighting pit with the beast they have. 

The two of us and Freya, Ragnas wife, sign up as a group and enter the pit. The beast is a huge lion weasel thing that i only knew two things about. One it was ugly and two it hit really hard. We fought for a while but we ended up winning with Jager delivering the final shot. I went to congratulate but he had somehow lost his eyesight. Along with that i had lost my heavy armor due to over damage.

I used our winnings to get a new armor piece. I then walked around town admiring the shops and looking for Jager. 

#1 A Princess and a Demon

Minding my own business playing with my son i receive a letter carrier from the clan elder summoning me. Arriving i meet Ragnar, a fellow atlantean who i remeber hearing stories of growing up but had never met. We were both brought to the elder and introduced to Nymphadora, a princess from another clan. She was in need of a group to escort her to Mexico where she was going to search for her mother. 

After meetinf with the AMC and enrolling the help of Jager, we met up to discuss our plan. Before we knew it a giant rift opened up where a huge demon and flew through followed by a black skeleton group. We held down the troop, with the giant one fighting them too. The roft slammed shut leavinf us and the demon left. We were surrounded by power armor gaurd who wanted to kill it. Would have helped but there was no bad aura coming from it so it wasnt needed. Luckily Nymph was a powerful psychic and shut them down enough for us to get away. 

Turns out the demon can turn into a human, tells us hes not a demon but a nightbane and is named Ash who comes from an alternate world. We decide to bring him along on our journey. Who knows? Maybe he can learn to call this place home. 

Ash's Journal Journal Entry #7
Just had to be Vampires...

[Note: This passage seems to contain half truths provided in order to protect the author in the event this Journal was found and read. My goal as a third party is to set the record straight]

We managed to strike up a conversation with the people who were standing in front of Freya. As it turns out they had tortured and finally disarmed our comrade. I did manage to strike up a conversation with the other Nightbane. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. After a bit of discussion he apparently tortured Freya for information regarding the location of Nymphadora. We continued to explain we have 0 idea where she was. Including the fact that, yes we are traveling with her, but we don't know the end destination. They finally accepted that we knew nothing about her location. I asked them if they knew what the amulet I found on Merick did and they ended up asking for it back assuming he was dead.

Well they weren't wrong.

They took the amulet back and took all like 40 of their guards with them. After they left we searched the town to find the guards and see what had happened before that group imposed martial law.

Ville and I went to the AMC building and didn't find any guards there. We took a few guns to protect ourselves and returned to the group to collect ourselves.

[I need to interject here, because this is not all true. It's true that VIlle and Ash entered the AMC and found no guards, however the proceeded to hack into a company computer, property of AMC, then used Ville's power of intangibility to phase through AMC's storage rooms and raid their base for weapons. As if that was not enough Ville also took a 12 pack of beer from their break room. In addition they also found a cat that didn't seem to want to leave them alone, and they took it too. The pilfering duo proceeded to liquidate the weapons around town and drink the AMC's beer]

We hung out around the local bar while Freya was being tended to and as it turns out she was getting cybernetic arms. She apparently won't be able to use her magic ans stuff but she can upgrade them and stuff which is cool.. It took 3 days for Freya's surgery to be completed and in that time Ville and I decided to wander around town and look at the shops. While we were out a small black cat started to follow us. After awhile we decided it was a stray and decided to adopt it. It's name is Mao.

[They were actually selling off the weapons and trying not to raise suspicion from their party, and the cat was the one they took from the AMC]

I even managed to get a cool new weapon for Withengar! [With the money they got from stolen weapons] This thing is a 6 ft long chainsaw blade that has silver teeth! Badass motherfucking chainsaw blade. We also managed to get an anti-vampire gauntlet. [They actually got it from AMC] This thing fires stakes, has a retractable silver blade, and a magical flamethrower! Since we were going further South it was a good buy. [Steal]

As a group we decided upon my play to search South for 1 month in an attempt to find Nymphadora, and should we not find her after a month we would go our own ways.

When Freya was well enough to travel we set out south at day break. At about 2 pm we hit a town that we probably should not have stopped at, but seeing as it was 2 pm and we didn't know where the next town was so we decided to stay they night and head out in the morning.

That is not how it happened.

When we arrived everyone was super happy, which was really annoying. Apparently they had taken out a large vampire nest the night before and were about to celebrate the deed. The party relaxed a bit as I went off to see if the town would pay me to charge the lanterns they had. THe guy was in such good spirits he offered 50,000 credits for 100 P.P.E. charge, so I was pretty happy with that. [One of the only instances of legitimate work Ash does]

I returned to the tavern where I assume everyone in my group was and began meditating which I did for apparently 5 hours. Meditating is a lot easier here. There's so much more magical energy and it feels so refreshing.

When I stopped the meditation the party had stated and everyone was drinking. I didn't really feel like it after Ville and I drank a 12 pack together when we were hanging out. (Hanging out in the back of a truck with stolen weapons and pilfered beer)

As we were watching the festivities Zeke and Ragnar announced there were vampires in the vicinity. We looked around but with all the people and vast size of the part we couldn't see anything. I had an idea. I got on the Truck's audio system and announced the the drunken mass that is before me, "How is everyone doing now that we took that nest huh?" Everyone cheered, "Let's turn this party up a notch! Everyone turn to your neighbor and splash them with water! make sure they're not vampire scum!!!"

Good thing they were all drunk because their drinks went flying. We did manage to see someone leave the party quickly as if in pain and tracked him down. Ragnar flew toward him as the rest of us made our way on foot through the crowd. According to Ragnar as he shot the man he misted. So it was definitly a vamp. We tried to warn a guard but he didn't believe us. We thought the best course of action was to continue to douse everyone in water all night to make sure there weren't any more vamps in the crowd.

After a while the vampires must have left and we were able to breath with a tad more ease.

As the party died off in the morning I approached a guard and tried to tell him about what had happened and it meant there were vampires IN the town. He didn't believe me. Being a tad irritated and a sliver desperate, I thought that maybe if we could shock him into believing that I knew what I was talking about.

Let's just say that didn't work. [More accurately the guard thought he was dreaming. He was actually very drunk.]

After the guard walked away with 0 sense of urgency I decided to try the guard barracks. Apparently my allies had a similar Idea because I saw everybody come up as I was pounding on the door. A very inebriated guard ended up opening the door. Ill skip past this but Ville ended up trying to wake him up with water and after awhile we just left. [Ville assaulted the guard with an illc onceived attempt to dunk his head in water]

We decided Fuck it. We were going to bed and at day break we were leaving. We all slept in the back of the trucks prepped to get the hell out of here ASAP.

When we woke up there were two large suits of armor guarding the main gate out of town. Fuck. When we approached them they told us to return to our homes as the town was under quarantine.

Now… We all were jut irritated. Not to mention there were two similar power armor suits at the back gate too. We were boxed in. Now I could fly out… But the tall armor with a cannon apparently had a 2 mile range. Im not risking that shit.

We were stuck. We headed into the closest tavern to see if anyone knew what was going on. Apparently everyone was convinced vampires were there and feeding on some of the locals. [This is not entirely accurate. Ash and his party were the ones that spread the rumors hoping to cause panic to mask their escape]

Weird part… We noticed around that there were no guards wandering around. Assuming they were useless [They really were] we decided to investigate things ourselves.

From the town's people we got names and locations of people acting strangely as it was a clear sign of vampiric influences.

We found a total of 3 people with bite marks on their necks and proceeded to coat the every loving shit out of their rooms with garlic. We then told everyone in town about the vampire victims we found and the best way to protect themselves was to use garlic as a repellant. We also got a bunch of people to join the huddled masses of people at the taverns locked in with tons of garlic.

That night we waited in the tavern with Ragnar and Zeke at opposite ends of town. Should either one sense Vampires they would radio in and we could group up at the tavern to protect the people.

Hours passed and the vampire sense dissipated in the morning.

We decided to check in on our Vampire victims. Every. Damn. One. All of them were affected again and all the garlic was gone.

We all had enough. With the 1st victim we tried to move him away from where he was and he began to flail until we left him alone. We proceeded to handcuff him and I knocked him out and Zeke took him into his bedroom to begin barricading it. We went to the other home knocked them out and took them back to the 1st house. We tied them together with bedding and rope and went to pick up the final victim so we could keep an eye on her.

Unfortunately we were to late, as when we approached her house it was on fire. We used outr water cannons to try to put the fire out as everyone was panicked. Once the flames were out we asked around if anyone had seen anything. That poor woman never had a chance in her hypnotized state.

[Alright, this is by far the largest falsehood in this given account. Without going into graphic detail I need to set this record straight.

Ash and his group did arrive at the house, but it was not in flames. They entered the home to find the third victim sitting at her dining table. They attempted to move her chair and when she stood they cuffed the woman behind her back and Ville attempted to knock her out, but lacked the strength to do so. The woman was sent into a frenzy after being attacked and began flailing wildly against her restraints. Examination of the body indicated that the blunt force to her head from two points is what killed her. Most likely Jeagar and Ash reacted by punching the woman in hopes of knocking her out. Both punches ended up killing her. Now whether his motives were honorable or not was still to be questioned. But the body was found to be staked, beheaded, and burned on sight. Seeing as how this is the normal way one would kill a vampire it can be speculated that Ash was taking the precaution that the victim would still turn. However the burning down of the woman's home is not needed to kill a vampire. Either is was a mistake and the fire spread too quickly to contain, or another member of the group decided to set fire to the home to dispose of all the evidence. Most agree it was the second. They group then ran out of the building a bit then ran back to hurriedly put out the flames as honorable heroes]

We returned to Zeke and our 2 charges and tried to keep them safe. We napped and attempted to keep watch in shifts but for now as im writing this, I'm just hope we can save these people.

Ash's Journal Entry #6
God Won't Save You Now

    So we ended up going to this town to find the preacher who was supposedly killing of D-Bees. We found him.

    We rolled up the town with a simple plan. Jeagar, Milo, and I would enter the town to see if it was safe for D-Bees. Jeagar and myself look human and Milo in full armor just looks tall. We would drive in, check things out, and have Milo use his armor's radio to check in with Zeke, and Ragnar to prompt further action.

Side note: On our way to town I noticed another Nightbane passing us on the road in a caravan. We decided to leave it be at least for the time being.

    We rolled into the town and all all the people looked terrified of us as outsides I imagine. Then we saw it. City square was filled with crucifixes and corpses. D-Bees had been crucified. He radioed back to Zeke and Ragnar to stay back. We were on our own for now… When we dismounted we were approached by a juicer. After a bit of talking we recognized him to be Mason, the juicer we encountered on our way out of Arzino. That should have been a tip off… But it wasn't. We tried to inquire about the priest but he was in his morning prayer session. To wait for him we talked in the bar, while Milo excused himself to contact Ragnar to inform him our findings.

    After a while we we told he was ready and we were led outside. We were led out to the sight of that asshole who was bitching about D-Bees with Mason's group before. Should have tipped up off he was the one responsible. This preacher's name was Merick, I asked him what he wanted and surprise surprise the self-rightous Christian asshole wanted to cleanse the world of non-humans. I had apparently let slip I wasn't from this world. So he was already suspicious. After I realized he was just another blind pastor Milo have his speech about taking him in to face the law for his slaughter of the people in town. At the end of Milo's speech I transformed knowing he wasn't going to go anywhere peacefully. Obviously with a 13ft demon against them the fight started. I flew up and blasted the fucker with my shadows but this shield appeared around him.

Other side note: Do you know that energy weapons hurt? Like a lot?

    Well even with his dozen lackeys shooting at me I dove into him with my horns and was still stopped by that damn field. Shooting him, another energy beam hitting him, and even a full force punch didn't do the trick. I did notice there was a necklace he wore that had a ruby that flashed every time the shield materialized. It was a shield. And shields can be broken, I used my glaive and pierced the damn shield around him shattering it.

    Now, there were a lot more people in this fight and at some point Ragnar and Zeke much have shown up because when I had turned around they were on their truck firing the mounted rifles and I could have sworn that Mason and Milo were fighting… but I digress

    I had finally shattered that annoying shield and was about to start taking off his armor and either having him give in our taking his life. I would have liked to… But the next thing I knew Marick and I were bound together by a flaming net. Geez, I wonder what sort of person uses a techo-wizard device to shoot flaming nets at people with disregard foe who it hits… I'm going to punt Ragnar into a lake on of these days for that. However! Loads of fun considering my best idea in the situation was falling forward on top of Merick. 600 or so pounds of demonic looking Nightbane falling onto you is enough to keep anyone quiet for a while. When I didn't feel anything break under be I turned into a shadow and slipped out of the net. In the time he would use to escape I wanted to pick him up and fly him away. Neutralize the guy paying for all of this crap. I would have loved to even have just picked him up in the net and fling him into a building or in the air!

But no such luck…

    As I reached for the net he had finally managed to wriggle out of it and it disappeared. After that we heard Mason take off yelling, "I'm not getting paid enough for this!" After the Merc leader left all his lackeys stood down and all that was left was Merick.

    When I turned back he was gone… Fucker was running into the Mayor's office. I shifted into a shadow and managed to catch him as he ran out the back door. He seemed to just be muttering Bible verses and shit, but I really didn't care. I took him back to everyone and on the way his body went limp. Fucker died on me… Oh well. I took that necklace of his off, and the chain reformed one I broke it off his neck… The whole magical shit in this world I'm still getting used to but that definitely isn't normal. Ill get it looked at when we get back to town.

    With the fighting done we all stopped to lick our wounds and survey the town for any resistance. During that time Jeagar and I took down the crucified bodied and lined everyone up. Except for Merick. I left up one crucifix and put him up there. I ripped off his clothes and took of the fucker's head. If anyone was a devil to be purged it was him. And speaking of demon… I knew someone would ask about the only body left up so I kicked his head full force and it kind of exploded.

    I sat down to heal and examine the necklace when Milo approached me. He understandably asked me about the one body still on the cross and I just replied to him, "Don't worry about it." He didn't really want to drop it so I peeled my gaze from the necklace and said, "Look you've known me for a bit and that in general I'm not a bad person, but he deserves it. Don't take him down. Just don't worry about it."

    He seemed uneasy about it but dropped the subject. I decided to lead us into the bar, because taking that much damage hurts like a mother…

    Unfortunately nobody was in the tavern to sell us anything. Can't say I blame them but still. We tried calling out saying we were getting drinks.


    We ended out drinks and business and left to return to Phoenix where Freya and Nymphadora had stayed.

    Now, we returned to Phoenix to… well let's say an unconventional greeting. Everything looked almost like martial law had been imposed. They said we all needed to follow the entry guards inside and what we found inside was shocking to sau the least. First off, that other Nightbane was in Phoenix, but I knew that before we even saw them, and secondly we found Freya.

Covered in blood.

Without arms.

    Okay that'd not fully correct… she had arms, but they were nailed to the wall she was propped up on detached from her.

This should be interesting…

Ash's Journal Entry #5
Some Alien vs. Predator shit

We set out to Phoenix as the sun rose.

After driving for awhile we reached what looked like a ruined portion of downtown Phoenix. And apparently that is exactly what it was. Most of the day was spent traveling, so I was happy when we finally stopped to make camp. Although on a positive note, the new truck that Ragnar got is amazing, I can chill in the bed with the gun, and it even has enough room for Withengar. Only reason I know that is because a few hours from camp we saw this dust trail following us. I shifted in my robe just in case that cloud was less than friendly. When we got to the outskirts, we managed to make camp and I took the opportunity to scout a bit to see if there were any supplies. As I was about to take Zeke and Ville to look for a store or something Jeagar had pointed out that there was a pile of bones upstairs and the walls look clawed to hell.

They were a bit uneasy so they checked to make sure we weren't about to camp in some thing's nest and my little part went to scout a gas station. Okay it was a bust. Everything was gone and clawed to shit but at least Ville got a dagger.

Waste of time…

We returned to camp and took up shifts taking watch. A little bit in I'm assuming that cloud caught up with us and drove through. Everyone was quiet as they passed. After a while I thought this might be a good time to pitch my idea for a new organization. I thought everyone was pretty open to the idea up until we started hearing gunfire, screams and explosions from the direction those cars had gone. The best part about this group is we all just looked around and were like, "Nope, fuck that."

When the screaming died off we continued out discussion and everyone was pretty on board. I have high hopes for it. I returned to my perch in a nearby building side and we spent the rest of our night.

In the morning we set out and it didn't take long before we found the site of last nights conflicts. It was a few trucks, clawed to shit with a bunch of bloody drag marks and these dead things that look like alien cat things. I was promptly informed that these things and the Mufasa looking motherfucker in the arena hate each other. Good to know. I decided to pack the alien corpses in the back. They look pretty sturdy and have like plates and stuff so should be good for armor or something at least. I started draining the body of one over the side of the truck and I heard that the armor they found along with the trucks most likely belonged to the guys that had kidnapped Jeagar. Poor fuckers. Oh well.

Now, as we're discussing what happened it turns out that like a dozen of these fuckers were coming down the sides of the buildings. As they were noticed they jumped on us. One of these cocky fuckers tried to jump on me and I just knocked him away from me outside the truck bed and started stabbing it with my glaive.

He didn't take kindly to that.

He jumped at me and knocked me out of the the truck. I guess I was more startled than anything else because this cat alien weighed nothing. I picked it off me and tossed it into a nearby building as I stood up. It looked like everyone else was having their respective troubles. Odin in particular had a few on him. I walked up and tossed one of them away as Nymphadora did the same with her mind. We got Odin into a car as everyone tried to scramble out. I guess Jeagar did already because I didn't see him anywhere. That or he was eaten…


I tried getting another off Ragnar's truck as Ville took to the plasma gun and tried to grab the cat shit on the car that was eyeing him. I couldn't grab on to the damn thing as Ragnar punched it and the truck took off. As everyone scattered off the only people left were Nymph and I, so I flew up assuming she'd to the same. With everyone gone the bitey alien kitties were all on Nymph. I should clarify. All these cat things were attacking a lone woman.

A lone woman who was on fire.

A lone woman who was on fire with green hellish flames.

Not the best move on their part but Nymph didn't look like she was able to fly. I dove down and grabbed her arm taking her with me. We managed to dodge the one jumper that tried to latch on. Now I feel bad for all those lil plated bastards, because as I picked up Nymphadora her fucking flames started burning me. That shit was hot. If I didn't heal quickly I would have been very upset. I flew towards where the rest of the group was headed and dropped Nymph beside the truck took off. We met up after a while and I got into the battle jeep again.

It took awhile but we finally got to Phoenix. It looked like the 101 was knocked over to create a wall around the city. I transformed back as we approached. We were stopped at the gate, and standard protocols of questioning as we got in. I decided when we were inside that I wanted to try and get some money. I couldn't keep living off the nothing I had so I found a job recharging the mana batteries that kept the globe of sunlight lanterns powered at night. 100 P.P.E. later and an empty drained feeling I found everyone at the bar to meditate. When I got there I found Ville piss drunk in a corner and decided to meditate until he woke up. (Keeping in mind this still was like 11 am… Classy…)

When they woke up apparently Ville had said we'd help this guys village, so I decided to talk to this guy to see what we were signed up for. Turns out this guy's village was visited by a priest talking about his lord and Savior and he started killing all the D-bees that were around. As I listened it sounded more and more like my world's version of a Christian priest executing people. I couldn't really stand for that.

We decided to head out East to this town and deal with this man of the cloth. Nymphadora and Freya ended up staying behind in Phoenix. So we're heading there now Im sure this will be interesting…

Ash's Journal Entry #4
You've got to be kidding.

    Okay, this is some bullshit. Those jet engine sounds I was hearing? Turns out it was two power armored guys flying at us from town. They fired rockets at the ATV we were on and I jumped off when the vehicle was compromised. Okay, in my defense I forget that the ATVs in this world go well over like 100 mph. Thank anything I was wearing the armor I was, instead of splatting on the road, I just got dazed a bit. I transformed into Withengar and tried to follow after them.

    At this time I realized just how fast everything in this world goes. They power armor guys zoomed past me as I was morphing, but trying to catch up to them was… It took awhile. I ended up getting there after the battle. But I swear to God I think Ragnar flipped his damn ATV. When I got to the site, one of the guys who attacked us had his wing blown off and was struggling in the dirt. I tried landing on him to restrain him. I even tried to knock on his helmet to get him out and the fucker shot rockets in my face. I'll admit I was a little mad and ended up punching the armor's chest and dented the crap out of it. I kind of snapped out of the rage when Jeager shot the suit and made an opening. I wanted to give the fucker a piece of my mind so I ripped that suit open like a tin can.

    The guy inside was Hispanic and looked like the clerk at the QT I went to on 43rd ave. But yeah I grabbed him and flew him up a bit and he passed out. In retrospect probably not the best to fly the dude up that fast when he most likely had a concussion. Anyway, we cuffed him and interrogated him, he was strangely cooperative. The concussion and large demon questioning him as well as Odin probably helped. We found out that it was reported that a large demon hiding in an ATV accompanied by two hoverbikes. We matched the description and that's why they fired rockets at us. Makes sense I guess. We ended up leaving him with food, water, and a gun. We took off and he started walking back to town.

    When we got back to Nymphodora we bought new vehicles and tried to gather ourselves before we set out again. The next stop is Phoenix. We ended up staying in the town for a bit while everything was settled, but nothing really happened until a couple of guys came into the bar asking the bartender about a group of people matching our description. I had only seen them come in but apparently they were looking for us.

    The barkeep swore up and down he knew nothing about us. Knowing what I do know I would have tipped him more for that. Milo ended up hearing it and went to get the rest of our party to decide what to do. While we tried to just sleep through it and kept Odin out of sight, seeing as he is one of the more noticeable people with us, they came back and pestered the barkeep and his replacement. When again they said nothing they left after him. Milo got worried and went after him. Just as Freya and I were on watch he came back after apparently finding the barkeep dead in an ally. He took the barkeeps night shift replacement and we were kind of left alone in the bar.

    I may or may not have helped myself to a few mugs of bubbly. While we sat there I got to thinking.

    In this world there are so much more evil presences than in mine. I know people want to be able to protect their families and vanquish the evil that threatens their lives. What if we formed a group? A group dedicated to gathering knowledge and training people to fight against all the shit in this world. There are bound to be books on monster lore as well as demons and shit. Not to mention all the people we've met who are after glory and power. What is we organize that? I've spent enough time in Marko's cartel to know how to keep an organization going, but trying to start one will be harder.

    To get started I think I'll ask the rest of the group at some point. We can probably stash away money for this and try to use it to gather info. I want to try in get others to join too. All the bullshit in my world was enough, and normal humans could barely do shit against it. In this world theres a real chance of resistance. I'll start a crusade. A crusade against evil. We could do it. We could get stronger, and fight. If I'm stuck here in this place, I want to make it better. I will use my power to launch this crusade against all the shit in this world. I don't want to basically live in the nightlands. That shit was horrible enough. I don't want to see this place become like that.


    Okay… just woke up and read what I wrote while drunk during watch. While it's not a bad idea I realized it'll need some work… and a name… Fuck it I'll call it Akatsuki or some shit unless I can think of something cooler.

Ash's Journal Entry #3
Do We Have to Save Him?

    Just last night I hoped that there wouldn't be any more bad decisions or shitty situations. I mean at least for awhile. I woke up, had breakfast, chatted with the Bug masked dude Ville, and then Ragnar comes down from his room and says that Jeagar was kidnapped. Jaegar was the gunslinger that along with the Mystic Freya fought the giant cat yesterday. Apparently someone lost a lot of money and we needed to get a million credits and take it to them in three days. Personally, I don't really feel strongly one way or the other but I supposed we should help. I sat with Ville until Ragnar grabbed everyone else. Turns out Ville knows a lot of jokes in Spanish. None of which I understood. I mean I took French in High School so that was about it.

When everyone came back to the bar/saloon whatever it is, we decided to go to the meeting place and see if we could find Jeagar.

We set out and drove for several hours. If anything happened on the way there I have no idea because I pretty much slept the whole way.

When we got there I woke up and looked around. We were there alright. We were in the damn middle of nowhere. Fuckers made me walk three miles in the heat only to find a garage we drove to anyway. I stayed with the vehicles as Ragnar and the half naked dude Ezekiel went off to ask around to see if anyone had knowledge of Jeagar.

When they left I threw down the cloak and changed into it. It fit rather nicely and it was good to strength as Withengar. I also apparently scared the crap out of Odin who had no idea what was going on and why there was a demon in his party. We explained it a bit more, but he still seemed a bit uneasy.

Ragnar and Ezekiel came back after a a few hours and said they had a lead. We took off on foot, and after awhile I flew ahead to what looked like a barn and a farm house. When I got there there were two trucks with their doors wide open. I didn't realize the future was so safe to do so. I closed the doors for them and went to the barn. The doors and lock on that thing were surprisingly sturdy. I had to use quite a bit of strength to break through that lock and when it finally gave I ended up scaring the shit out of what appeared to be a barn full of well… barn animals. Jaegar wasn't inside so I just closed the door. Poor animals.

I walked up to the house as everyone was checking the cars and front door and I looked into the second floor window to find it open and someone in bed. I tried to talk to them but they didn't seem to be waking up. Turns out the person was dead. Odin had opened the door, okay he broke it down, and Jeagar was inside the house. Apparently this is where he was taken and he killed everyone inside. Pretty Rambo if you ask me.

I flew Ezekiel and Jeagar to the station we left the cars and Ragnar flew himself. We stopped flying a bit outside of eyesight from the shop, so they didn't see me and went up. I stood outside and Ragnar started arguing price with the guy. We were wasting time. I reached in grabbed Ragnar and pulled him up to me and told him to just pay the man so we can leave. I set him back inside the shop and Ragnar paid him. I'm pretty sure the clerk's tone also changed drastically. Maybe a bit freaky to see a demonic hand reach in and pick up a guy who is like 8 ft tall. I'm sure that in no way will come to be a problem. Other than for that guy's therapist.

We drove the cars back to everyone and starting back south toward South America. I'm in the car now trying to write this as a way to pass the time. It's weird though, I swear I can hear like jet engines approaching us…

Important Letter
A blog for your campaign

Bought rooms in a hotel for all travelers, was approached by some random man with a note. The note says many people are unhappy with the battle of Fraiya, Jaegar and Milo with the saber tooth cat. The people lost 1,000,000 credits and are demanding it within 72 hours. I set on a quest for my remaining team. They had set out to look for Jaegar, who seems to have gone missing after repairing his armor. 

Ash's Journal Entry #2
That's a Bit Kitty...

Today was the first day we set out on our magical adventure to rescue the queen from whatever the hell she is doing. This party Im running with is already stretching my mind beyond belief. They tried to leave the city across the Grand Canyon. On hovering platforms. This day already started off weird. We ended up running into a different party of people trying to enter the city and were having issues coming in. Milo tried talking to the guy yelling at the guard but I was too busy looking at the rest of the party. There was one guy that kept staring at me. He was wearing a brown robe and it was a tad unsettling. but that was really it. We ended up leaving and made our way to the next town. Id like to also say the princess we were traveling with was flying along with us. I mean, I fly myself… But I have wings. This tattooed girl was flying super fucking fast and just looked bored doing it. We must have been going over 100 miles per hour and this chick is bored. Flying. Without wings. It was weird.

Anyway we finally got to this town and it again looked like the set of a bad western. I tried to see if I could bed and get some cash after I found out that paper money is basically useless. I ended up selling my gun to a weapons dealer for credits. Some futuristic USB stick that has money on it apparently. Using my new funds I bought a cloak and decided to wander the town till my party was ready to leave. I didn't wander long before I heard that 3 Atlanteans were fighting some monster in Colosseum. Turns out it was our idiots gearing up to be gladiators. I decided to bet on them.

They released this giant cat that looked like a super huge Mufasa from the Lion King on roids. I though things were going pretty well until Simba swiped Milo into a wall and disintegrated his armor. At that point I regretted my bet. However, the rest of the battle they managed to keep the beast's attention divided between the three of them.

I was shocked that the odds were 11:1 against them so I made quite a bit of cash.

I headed back to the saloon and had a drink and Milo brought over this large wolf looking dude. HIs name is Odin. He looks like I giant humanoid wolf in armor that looked like Milo's before he got bitch slapped by a mega-lion. He seemed like a cool dude and I guess he's going to be traveling with us a while. We had some drinks and I got an awesome idea. Much better than most of my drunk ideas. I ended up going back to that robe guy and asked for a rush order for a 13 ft long robe. The guy looked confused and asked if it was for my friend. Turns out Odin followed me and there was a goddamn 10 ft tall puppy in the window. I told the clerk it still needed to be 13 ft and paid him more so I could pick it up at night. I walked out of the store and asked Odin why he followed me. Apparently he wanted to see my sword. I said if he bought be a drink he could see it. That puppy guy is pretty cool, I even bought him a bath so he could be super fluffy. I was right and he looks so goddamn fluffy! But he wouldn't let me pet him. I'll see if I can when he sleeps.


Not much happened the rest of the day, people were off doing stuff, I drank and picked up my robe and crashed out. Let's hope tomorrow has less bad decisions.


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