Requiem of the Undying

Jaeger's logs 1-6

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Jäger's logs

I'm sitting by myself at a bar when a cyber knight approaches me asking if I'm a gun for hire
I say yeah what of it?
He asks if I wanna join him on an escort mission.
Now escorting ain't my thing and neither is babysittin'. But I need the creds. I take him up on the offer- no second thoughts.

Well this just went from boring to interesting. A demon popped up out of a rift accompanied with other nether world like things. One of them even cut my gun in half! Turns out, this big fella is actually a shapeshifting thing. Calls himself a nightbane. He should be a reliable ally. That princess though. Why does she need our help? She seems strong enough to cross the border on her own.
I got a replacement gun, and we're about to hit the road now


We passed a gate full of jerks and weirdos, and now we're setting up camp at a gas station. I got first watch with Ash, the nightbane. Should be easy going.

Well we made it to another town. Everything is slick so far. I fetched some crystals to have our techno wizard craft me a globe of daylight revolver. I realize my cross may not be enough incase vampires hit us. We're all having lunch at a tavern when I hear word of an arena quest. 50,000 credit reward. I'm thinking, that sounds nice. But the mission. Our cyber knight wants to do it. I tell him "the mission". He says "but". I say "the mission". He says "50,000 credits though. We can take it" I say fine. Let's do it. We also recruit our mystic into it. I'm about to go in. Let's do this.

Boy oh boy where do I begin. Been a long time since I entered anything in.
Ok. So I go into the arena with my squad. And what the hell is the first thing that happens? My gun jams. Why? Because I never bothered to inspect it after I received it.
Thankfully my cyber knight buddy got me covered – at his own expense. Poor fella got pinned. I had to make myself useful and unjam my sub. At this point I don't recall exactly all of what happened, but he also got his armor ripped apart, mine too, he got knocked back, was actually kinda funny. Our mystic got its attention, i get its attention, the cyber knight gets its attention, somewhere along the lines I go blind, I keep shooting regardless, next thing I know, it's over. I apparently shot it to death? Didn't even use as much ammo as I expected. But I was rather exhausted at that point. I used a lot of psi energy that match.
What stinks though. Is after the exchange, I only made 1000 creds after having to buy new armor

Had to take a writing break. My head still hurts. So anyway after the match, I get kidnapped. Don't recall how. All I know is one moment I'm recovering from blindness, the next moment I am in the back of a moving truck. I squirm around but to no good result. I get hit in the back of my head with the butt of a rifle.
Mind telling me what's going on? I grit my teeth
I just hear this really pissant voice "you remember that coliseum match? Someone lost a lot of money because of you"
Sucks to suck pal
Exactly. That's why you're here.
A few hours pass. It feels like it's sundown now based on the way the air feels. I have a bag over my head by the way, and I'm tied up. I get thrown in what's probably a basement and I hear a locking mechanism.
I wait awhile. Time to plan my escape.
These guys really do not know how to tie rope. I slip out no problems. I look around the room and there is nothing of use. Just some food, barrels, and bags. Looks like there's two ways out possible. The door or the window. I peak out the window first. No one is there.
I don't want to go out the door risking someone being on the other side. I need to assess the situation better first too.
I stack the barrels and cut through the window with my psi-blade. So far so good. There are two trucks outside, there's a barn and a main house. The lights are still on. And the road stretches for miles.
I'm gonna wait this out a bit longer



The sun is down now and only the main room lights are  on from what I can tell. I go to their cars. They're not locked. This is my escape – sort of. I try hotwiring them. Something I had only heard of. I think I messed up on the first one. Okay I definitely messed up on both. It was then that I decided – I am not stuck there with them, they're stuck with me. I grab some arms they were stupid enough to leave in the cars. A shotgun and a pistol. This time I'm smart enough to inspect their condition. I try to sneak in through the barn to gather more arms or gather intel. Can't get in. Let's try the back. I screw up so badly on that on the pick snaps in the lock. They definitely can't use that door anymore. Let's try the front. Nothing. Okay.. I'll just climb up to the window and go in through there. The window slides up but much louder than I expected. I stab him with my psi blade. Dead. I search the room, get more arms. Move up to the next one. Same deal. I snag a revolver with silver bullets. Should be very helpful against vampires. And an energy rifle and a water gun of sorts. The tech wizard can have that. I also have armor finally. Time to move downstairs. I ready my shotgun.
Next thing I know I hear footsteps and a sharp "who the fuck are you!" I look and immediately shoot. As I shoot I feel myself forcibly knocked back by the recoil and see a display of fireworks and blood scatter across the wall. This shotgun is apparently explosive. A body without a head collapses and I hit my back pretty hard. In the mass of confusion I see others look out from the doors and go back in the rooms ahead – shit, I forgot to sweep that area. I also hear a bunch of scrambling and shouting downstairs – as well as a high pitch humming. Damn tinnitus. There's probably a lot more downstairs than up. I need to make sure I don't get over run. I pick myself and shoot at the stairs, this time with the intent of destroying it. Perfect. I get sent knocked  back again. Two of them step out the doors in the other rooms. I draw my pistol- it's showtime. We trade shots, but I hit them more. Two down. I approach back to the stairs, and see one them gimping just barely. Looks like he barely made it up. I can only see his upper half, and his head is wobbling back and forth with his body. Rather than trying to trace it, I wait for his skull to fit in my sights. Boom. Headshot. Another beautiful stroke of crimson on their canvas. I hear panic "shit! Get the grenades!" ok. So these fools wanna bank shot me? Tough. I can do tricks too. I pull out the shotgun again to make a shooting hole through the floor. Surprisingly I can't see anyone – these guys must have been quick. Then the next thing I know all I hear is "over there!". Crap, that gave away my spot with no result. I move to the back end of the hallway. And ready my pistol. Next thing I know I see that damn olive green ball of unbiased unforgiving pain plop just a few meters in front of me. Then a globe of yellow light emerges. My ears are ringing now and I see the two holes rush to each other. The floor beneath me collapses. Everything feels shaky now. These guys don't look any better than me now.


Okay that's a lie, I still had it. 4 on 1. Just gotta pick em off one by one. We trade shots again. The other dude's shotgun jams and then misfires. Poor dude's gun exploded then chains with his 'nades. Some of them even got caught in the hit. 3 on 1. I shoot down another. My armor is gone at this point. 2 left. I shoot one more. Laser shot burned like a bitch but it won't kill me. 1 more. I see the hopelessness in his eyes. The shock of disbelief. This is the moment I live for. This is the adrenaline I like. When I take more than what I can chew and down it like a champ. I switch to my rifle and down he goes. "Sucks to suck" I exhale with slight disappointment that my fun is over.
I lather my face with the blood of my enemies. Reprising my joy with overcoming this struggle, I make my way to where the kitchen is. I light a cigarette. Time for a hard earned smoke break. Something I wanted to since taking down the panther. Now I have two reasons.
I spent the next few minutes searching the place for other things that may be useful. What did I find? My gear of course. And some railguns. Also a new set of armor. Though it does look goofy and out of place.

Time for me to hit the hay.

I woke up to the smell of rotting corpses.  It doesn't bother me much. Honestly an odor I am used to by now. I go prep a pot of coffee. These guys have some real good shit. Gourmet shit. I see a note, and it's talking about me. Says keep the prisoner alive take him here three days later. Just an address. Nothing else important to me beyond that. I put it in my butt pocket for keepsake. If someone wants my ass that bad, they're gonna know in a few days I won't be at that location, and they ain't obviously gonna hear from the dead men here. If they want my head so badly, they can come and chase it.




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